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Our mission is to enhance the lives of people by harnessing cutting-edge technology. We're thrilled to share a glimpse into our technological foundation and how we think it will make a positive impact in the future. So let’s jump right into it!

Understanding the AI Revolution

From the earliest days of computing, artificial intelligence (AI) has been an elusive dream. Yet, in recent times, the rapid advancements in this field have brought AI to the forefront of our daily interactions. Suddenly, machines are not just executing commands but are also comprehending, conversing, and even conceptualizing. This shift signifies a pivotal moment where humans are no longer bending to the confines of computers. Instead, these intelligent systems are evolving to understand and communicate in our language.

This transformative leap in technology is undeniably exhilarating. However, it also compels us to reflect upon the ethical and practical implications. How do we ensure that this formidable force works in harmony with our goals? At, we're determined to be a part of the solution.

Peeling Back the Layers of Tech

Central to is the prowess of GPT-4, a "large language model" (LLM) developed by OpenAI. While our platform and technology is agnostic of the underlying model, we prioritize utilizing the most advanced models available. Presently, Chat GPT-4 stands out as the best.

For those unfamiliar with GPT-4, think of it as a sophisticated text generator with a keen sense of context. It delves into its extensive knowledge base to offer insightful and contextually apt responses. The underlying principle of its training is deceptively simple: Challenge the model to predict missing words in a sentence, rewarding accurate predictions. Much like the suspense of a detective novel that concludes with "and the murderer was…", the model must comprehend the narrative to provide a fitting end.

Harnessing AI's Potential for Personal Growth

While the capabilities of modern AI models are groundbreaking, their real-world application often remains nebulous. Their utility hinges upon the user's ability to steer the conversation and pose pertinent questions. Moreover, these models, despite their vast knowledge, can't retain personal interactions or possess the depth of understanding needed to truly mentor or coach an individual. And, of course, the emotional resonance and authenticity of human connections are elements that machines can't replicate. is committed to bridging these gaps. Our vision encompasses both rigorous applied computer science and some ground breaking research. Our aim? To make AI an indispensable ally in personal growth and introspection. Explore our app (available on both AppStore and PlayStore) to witness our current capabilities firsthand. Engage with our Confucius AI for pearls of ancient wisdom tailored to your modern dilemmas, or embark on a self-reflective journey with exercises and probing questions from our AI coach.

Synergy with Human Coaches

Recognizing the irreplaceable value of human touch, we are forging partnerships with esteemed professional coaches. Our collaboration manifests in two distinct ways:

1. We collaborate with coaches to craft tailor-made conversational AIs that encapsulate their unique coaching philosophies, enabling users to engage in deeply personal and transformative dialogues. Coaches have the flexibility to offer their modules for free or set their desired pricing on our platform.

2. Our sophisticated AI facilitates seamless connections between users and compatible professional coaches. Should users desire a more personal touch, they can even initiate a video conference with a coach directly through our app.

If you're a dedicated personal coach intrigued by our vision and eager to be part of this revolution, we'd love to hear from you. Discover collaboration opportunities here.

Charting the Future Path

Your journey with us is just beginning, and we're eager to evolve based on your feedback. We're curious: What role do you envision for AI in your life? How can we refine our offerings to serve you better? We welcome your insights and suggestions. Kindly share your thoughts at

Hojeong Kim

Founder and CEO